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Commonhold: The New Law

commonhold: the new law

A commonhold can be a new building or an existing building, or land which has not been built on. Once the commonhold is in place, the new law provides a formal framework of the rights and obligations that apply between the unit-holders, and between the unit-holders and the commonhold association. The framework is relatively simple.

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Commonhold. Commonhold is a form of ownership (or tenure) for multi-occupancy developments. Each unit-holder owns the freehold of their home, and a commonhold or residents’ association owns and manages the common parts of the property. There are standardised rules for commonhold. Find out more about commonhold. Commonhold was introduced in 2004.

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The Law Commission has recently announced plans to reinvigorate its use as a replacement for the existing “leasehold” mechanism for ownership of flats and other multi-occupancy buildings. Commonhold is a system used widely in the world by countries such as the USA and Australia and it is seen as an alternative to leasehold.

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Enable commonhold to be used for larger, mixed-use developments which accommodate not only residential properties but also shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. Allow shared ownership leases...

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Commonhold has many advantages over leasehold, but currently there are issues with the law which make it unattractive to home owners, mortgage lenders and other interested parties. Therefore, the leasehold reform plans include overhauling the commonhold tenure to make it more fit for purpose.

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Commonhold is a system of property ownership in England and Wales. It involves the indefinite freehold tenure of part of a multi-occupancy building (typically a flat) with shared ownership of and responsibility for common areas and services.

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The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 (c.15) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.It introduced commonholds, a new way of owning land similar to condominiums, into English and Welsh law.

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Commonhold: An overview by Practical Law Property The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced commonhold as a new form of land ownership in England and Wales. Commonhold is suitable for residential flats, houses, mixed use and commercial developments.

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Introduced in 2004, commonhold was hailed as the new way to own a flat – so why has it flopped? Flat owners have long complained about the “feudal” system of leasehold, so when the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced commonhold ownership, it should have put an end to the problems many flat owners faced.

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Not A New Concept. However, the idea of Commonhold was not a new concept. In January 1984 the Law Commission presented their report entitled ‘ ‘Transfer of Land – Obsolete Restrictive Covenants’. This report recommended the creation of a new interest in land, to be called a ‘land obligation’ that would be able to subsist as a legal ...

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The Law Commission published its consultation paper, Leasehold homeownership: exercising the right to manage, at the end of January 2019; responses were invited up to 30 April 2019. Commonhold. The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced a new form of commonhold tenure.

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The Return of Commonhold? The Law Commission has begun its project on residential leasehold reform, which will also include a review of the law on leasehold enfranchisement and the regulation of managing agents, with a call for evidence on commonhold.

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Commonhold is rare. Commonhold is rare, very rare, with an estimation of fewer than 50 blocks across England and Wales. The majority of examples tend to have been implemented in new developments. If you are buying a commonhold property, don’t be deterred. Commonhold property does not depreciate towards the end of its lease terms.

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commonhold: a form of landholding in common with others introduced by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 for England and Wales. It is of the same family as condominium title in the USA , strata title in Australia and unit titles in New Zealand. It is particularly suited to blocks of flats. Each unit owner has a freehold estate in the ...

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The Law Commission has been holding consultations with professionals on the proposed changes to the commonhold conversion process and the commonhold structure. We look at the key proposed changes and what it will mean going forward.

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The new paper looks at aspects of the law of commonhold which may be preventing its uptake and includes proposals which would: Enable commonhold to be used for larger, mixed-use developments, which accommodate not only residential properties but also shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.


The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2001 will introduce a new form of freehold ownership of units in multi-occupied property, both residential and commercial. This legislation will result in the most significant reforms of residential and commercial property law since 1925 and every professional involved in property work should have a clear ...

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The Law Commission acknowledges that while at first glance providing the commonhold association with a charge which takes priority over first legal mortgages may appear unattractive to lenders, particularly those funding the purchase of the individual commonhold units as opposed to the initial development, enhancing the association’s ...

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Commonhold allows a person to own the freehold of a “unit” (such as a flat) within a building or development and become a member of a company which owns, manages and pays for the shared areas. The Law Commission wants to “propose reforms to reinvigorate commonhold as a workable alternative to leasehold, for both existing and new homes”.

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Commonhold is now the alternative to leases for new developments. It confers freehold ownership for units within the commonhold. This is coupled with membership of a commonhold association, which ...

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Understandable, since so only about 20 commonhold developments have been created since Trevor Aldridge’s 2002 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act introduced the concept of freehold flats and community ownership of the common parts writes Mark Adcock, Solicitor and former lawyer with the Law Commission.

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The Law Commission says commonhold gives ownership and control of the block to flat owners, as it is managed by a company made up of the owners. Properties are owned forever under the system.

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Tasked with reinvigorating commonhold, the Law Commission has published a consultation on its proposals to make commonhold a workable alternative to leasehold, for both existing and new...

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A final report is expected soon. Given the increasing constitutional aversion for the traditional leasehold – freehold arrangement, it is highly likely that commonhold will be the compulsory means of ownership (whether it be wholly residential or mixed use) for all new build developments.

Commonhold: The New Law

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Commonhold: The New Law